Monday, June 7, 2010

Selling Like Hotcakes

In case I'm not the only one who has lost sight of this blog's original purpose, last Friday marked our third time vending mushrooms at the Walpole Farmers' Market, and I'm delighted to report that we sold out three weeks in a row despite having only one variety of mushroom available. Thanks to everyone who has come out to support Walpole's farmers and food producers!

Liz loves the market
Long view
Sold out!

We've received a lot of great feedback from customers on our Gray Oyster mushrooms, all of which has been positive, and it's been a pleasure to get to know both the market-goers and other vendors over the past few weeks. Everyone has been extraordinarily supportive and friendly, and we've especially enjoyed the bartering opportunities that have arisen. We've exchanged our mushrooms for heirloom tomatoes and grass-fed beef so far, reinforcing the notion that the barter system is alive and well in New England.

We'll be adding another variety of oyster mushroom soon—the firm and hearty King Oyster—which will be followed by the delicate, heat-loving Pink Oyster shortly after. Our hope is that this collection of Pleurotus fungi are well received by the mushroom-loving public and that we're able to offer all of them by the time Terra Fructi celebrates its first anniversary in August.

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