Friday, November 20, 2009

More Trekking

Liz and I set out early Thursday morning to hike Fall Mountain, which statuesquely ushers visitors from Bellows Falls into New Hampshire. Thanks to the telecom industry, the mountain features a wide road that leads to the top—and to a cell tower, which is fortunately not visible from street level. The road also serves as an excellent trail to what we thought was Table Rock, a well-known overlook that showcases BF and the Connecticut. We chugged up and out of the fog, reaching the summit in roughly 20 minutes, where we found an area that offered a partial view of the village and surrounding hills. Here are some photo highlights from the trip:

Liz leads
Rising above the clouds
At the summit

After discussing the hike with friends, we realized the error of or our ways in finding the observation area and are hoping to head back on Black Friday, weather permitting, for a second shot. Stay tuned for more pictures!

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