Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rady and Wumma

I awoke this morning at 5:30 to prepare for my second hike up Mount Wantastiquet. Andrea and I had been talking for months about the hike and finally found some time to make it happen. I picked her up and we headed to Brattleboro, arriving while the top of the mountain was still visible from town. Though we started hiking at 7:00, I have no accurate idea of how long it took us to reach the top. Drizzle set in shortly after we began, landing on us and on the already saturated forest floor, which did not make for the best hiking conditions. There was plenty of water and mud to watch out for, not to mention perilous wet rocks and tree roots, but we soldiered on and found our way to the overlook, where we saw...nothing.

Quick shot of Brattleboro on the way up
A murky summit
Making the best of the poor conditions

Stuck in a giant cloud, we turned around and gladly headed back down the trail. Despite the unfortunate weather, it was a fabluous hike and great time spent with a close friend.

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