Monday, November 16, 2009

Needles and Pins

Three weeks ago, I decided to get over my fear of needles and give acupuncture a try. This is something that I've considered—but avoided—for many years now, knowing deep down that it probably holds great potential for treating my chronic ailments, namely Multiple Sclerosis and eczema/allergies/asthma (those last three must all be related, right?). Looking back, I'm not really sure what I was afraid of. Pain? The unknown? Success? The answer is most likely a combination of those possibilities.

After doing a light dietary cleanse (no sugar, wheat, caffeine, alcohol, dairy) for a week, I made an appointment at Watercourse Way to see what all of the fuss was about. Of course, I made sure to talk to hoards of people who'd already experienced acupuncture to get as much information as possible about the sensations that occur with the treatment. You can never be too safe, eh? Not surprisingly, everyone reported positive feedback—I mean the Chinese have been practicing this form of medicine for over 4,000 years. What did I really expect?

Regardless of my expectations, I have become a friend and proponent of acupuncture. I can't say that it's cured all of my ills yet (the third of six appointments happens this evening), but I can say that it's a fascinating experience. Spirituality and life energies are not my forte, yet the forces that guide acupuncture's success are bewitching. I don't pretend to understand them; all I know is that I want to know more.

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